Introducing TAGARNO subscription

What is it?

What does subscribing to TAGARNO mean? What is in it for you as a distributor? When will this be?


What is a TAGARNO subscription?

A subscription in TAGARNO terms means entering a synergy between our distributors (you), the customer and TAGARNO.

It means that the customer will have a choice between owning and borrowing a microscope from TAGARNO. In addition, training, data access and app subscription will be an important part of the subscription.

Having a TAGARNO subscription also means a brand new and exiting new business opportunity for you as a TAGARNO distributor. And it means a competitive advantage for all of us, since this is a convenience the microscope industry and thus customers haven´t yet seen.

Video explainer

See the video below, where Betina explains the idea behind the concept and why this means a new business opportunity for you as our distributor:

Value proposition

What is the value offer to the customer?

It all depends on the customer

Depending on the customers needs and wishes when it comes to microscope models and ownership versus borrowing, the new concept holds it all.

By choosing between a tailored variety of subscription packages and topping the subscription up with apps and accessories, the customer can easily find a shoe that fits.

What will be our role in this new concept?

Your role as a TAGARNO distributor will be somewhat the same as it always has been. The main difference is that you now will get an even closer partnership with us and the customer. A subscription in it´s nature involves an ongoing dialogue and closeness with the customer. In a TAGARNO perception this means structured customer care and training to ensure the continuing satisfaction of the customer.

Ask us anything
When will this take place?

In accordance with all national national conditions and distributor wishes, we will make a plan for making the official roll out in each market.

As a starting point, we wish to make a prelaunch, subscribing any intested customer at a mailing list for ongoing flow of further information starting June 1, 2021. Continuing with the official launch in an intro period from and including September 2021.


What will the payments period be?

The subscription will be billed either twice or once a year with the customer. This means that you will also get your cut accordingly year after year.

As a part of the subscription loyalty offer to current customers, a three month flexible subscription period will be a possibility. This means that if a current customer has the need of an extra microscope for a three month period, this will now be possible for you to offer to them.

Are customers from all industries able to enter into this kind of collaboration?

In this concept, we don´t distinguish between industries. This means that customers from all industries are able to get a TAGARNO on subscription.

Does TAGARNO wish to take over the customer relation?

Being a TAGARNO distributor also means having the crucial initial and ongoing contact with the customer. This will only be reinforced, when the customer is a subscription customer, since the ongoing dialogue will now be secured and sealed.

– Se mønstre, forbedre produktudvikling, få feedback, validere input

– Delvist, vi vil tættere på kunden

Will we still need to keep a supply of TAGARNO units on stock?

We haven´t worked out all the details in the agreement draft yet.

Can we choose not to be a part of this new concept?

We truly hope that you will be as engaged and excited about this new business window opening up. If not, you are still able to continue as you have so far. However, we highly believe that this will be the future for TAGARNO in the long term, so we hope that you will seize this chance to join us on this journey.

Subscriptions are often based on online connections. Does a subscription require the customer’s microscope to be online via an Ethernet connection?

Yes, in this kind of setup, the customer will need to, at least periodically, connect the microscope with the ethernet cable, since it will enable them to update the microscope automatically. No need for USB or hand carrying files…

This means that all current customers will need to go to this exact link: in order to perform the current procedure. From this page, the customer can sign up…

How will the customers terms of sales and delivery look like?

We have defined and will refine during the test period in Denmark a list of Sales and delivery terms, which will apply when the customer choses to enter a subscription agreement with us, regarding the right to use TAGARNO digital microscope.

The subscription agreement includes the right to use the microscope consisting of a microscope with accessories as well as a license for services and applications contained in the subscription package.

Specifications of the services is stated in the Subscription Agreement which, together with the general provisions for TAGARNO subscriptions and the other appendices to the Subscription Agreement, constitute the contractual basis between TAGARNO and the customer.

How is this going to affect our current customers?

This is a new and beneficial offer to our current customers, to bring them closer to you and us by offering them even more value when having chosen us as their supplier and business partner.

For current customers, this means that they will gain access to exclusive functionalities and content, giving them the incentive to subscribe. This is also going to mean an ongoing additional income for you as a TAGARNO distributor.

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