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Firmware update
- version 6.10

Get the latest firmware today.

JUNE 15, 2021 – DENMARK

TAGARNO is happy to launch a new firmware update for their current users to enjoy.

By downloading and installing the new firmware, users ensure that their microscopes are always updated with the latest features and technology.

After installing Firmware 6.10, users can save images with metadata and increase work efficiency with new keyboard shortcuts. The new firmware also contains significant updates to the Measurement application, including brand new features.


What’s new?

All new features in Firmware version 6.10 are described in the firmware log. The log will give you a quick introduction to the firmware, but for a more in-depth description of each feature, we refer to the product manuals.

Download firmware 6.10

To access the new microscope features, you need to download and install the new firmware on your TAGARNO digital microscope. You can access the latest firmware by clicking the button below.



New manuals

To make the most of the new microscope features, click the button below to access the latest manual version of your digital microscope.

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