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Firmware update
- version 5.12

TAGARNO is happy to launch the latest firmware. Download it today.

JUNE 22, 2020 – DENMARK

TAGARNO is happy to launch a new firmware update for their current users to enjoy.

By downloading and installing the new firmware, users ensure that their microscopes are always updated with the latest features and technology.

After installing Firmware 5.12, users can change system language on their microscope without having to restart the microscope, making user customization easier than ever before.

Download Firmware 5.12

To access the new microscope features, you need to download and install the new firmware on your TAGARNO digital microscope. You can access the latest firmware by clicking the button below.



New manuals

To make the most of the new microscope features, click the button below to access the latest manual version of your digital microscope.



TAGARNO’s digital microscopes are used for visual inspection and quality control in a wide range of industries. In combination with high-definition cameras that magnify objects in excellent image quality, user-friendly software applications pave the way for accurate and objective analysis, which can be easily captured and shared with colleagues and supply chain partners.


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