Trichinoscopy and trichinella testing

Using a digital trichinoscope for trichinella testing is the automated approach to quality analysis



Identify trichinella

Automated trichinoscope for easy trichinella testing

TAGARNO has developed a digital trichinoscope that helps the food industry perform accurate and precise inspection of trichinella parasite in pork meat. The new solution provides excellent image quality with no interference or delay between what is happening under the trichinoscope and what is shown on the monitor. This makes it easy for the operator to examine a sample and create high quality documentation if needed. The Trichinoscope is also a very user friendly and efficient solution that live scans the entire sample in a predefined and systematic way.

The digital Trichinoscope solution includes the trichinoscope, a motorized XY table and the dedicated software app that connects everything together. It allows the operator to carefully inspect the sample and check for trichinella parasite in an efficient and systematic way.

The documentation feature is another benefit of the TAGARNO Trichinoscope. Simply press the image capture button to document the quality analysis. The image can then easily be forwarded to colleagues or supply chain partners if needed.

Our TAGARNO trichinoscopes secure the workflows, ensure the quality of our analysis and greatly improve work satisfaction with our staff
Pia Below Andersen, Laboratory Manager Danish Crown, Denmark

The perfect package for

Trichinella testing with trichinoscope

  • Motorized XY table with back light Motorized XY table for Trichinoscope app
  • Lens +10 Up to 133x magnification on a 24'' monitor
  • Ring light white Get a perfectly clear view of the sample.
  • Foot switch Control magnification levels with your feet
  • Trichinoscope app
    Automated trichinoscope software

We are overly excited about our new automated TAGARNO trichinoscopes

The biggest abattoir in Denmark, Danish Crown, turned to TAGARNO with the need for a contemporary replacement of their current and worn out trichinoscopes for fulfilling the EU legislation for systematic tests for trichinella parasites.


Good for business, good for people

  • Optimize your processes Leaner workflow, save time, increase profit margins
  • Cost effective, all-in-one solution Everything is built-in, no extra equipment needed
  • A good investment A long lasting product with no maintenance required
  • User friendly, it’s plug & play Requires minimum training for new operators
  • Ergonomics, health benefits Working postures adjustable to operators needs
  • Multiviewer collaboration External display, several viewers simultaneously
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