Digital microscopy

Inspect metal - digitally, ergonomically and intelligently

With 1080p image quality, autofocus and 60 frames per second, a digital microscope from TAGARNO makes it easy to spot burrs, cracks, chips and pores on metal items.

The high image quality of a digital microscope helps you spot even the smallest defects as part of your quality control process.

As an alternative to a stereo microscope or a regular magnification lamp, a digital microscope displays everything on a monitor. This setup makes it easy for operators to document and save their work.

Using a monitor to display the sample is also more comfortable for the operator compared to looking through an ocular and allows several operators to look at a sample together, improving communication and collaboration internally.

A digital microscope from TAGARNO can also run highly specialized apps. Many metal manufacturers use Focus stacking that will create ultra-sharp images with no blurred or out of focus areas and Measurement app that allows them to do on-screen measurements as part of their quality control processes.

Inspection quality control

Inspection quality control

We love our TAGARNOs. They are really easy and comfortable to use

A new TAGARNO customer wanted to create more consistency and efficiency in their inspections. To do so, they chose TAGARNO and implemented presets, allowing them to reuse their most used settings and significantly reduce preparation time on each sample.

Benefits of a digital microscope

Good for business, good for people

  • Optimize your processes The clear image of the digital microscope and the specialized apps enables operators to easily spot faulty samples during quality control, creating faster processes and prevent faulty products from escaping through quality control
  • All-in-one solutions With the digital microscopes from TAGARNO, the computer is built into the microscope, eliminating the needs for an external computer and creating an easy installation process
  • A good investment The TAGARNO products are known for their durability and the little maintenance needed during their lifetime
  • User friendly solutions The TAGARNO digital microscopes are intutive and easy to use for all operators
  • Healthier for operators Looking at a monitor instead of through an ocular creates an ergonomically correct setup that is healthier and less tiring for the operators
  • Multiviewer collaboration With the monitor display, it's possible for operators to inspect a sample simultaneously instead of taking turns looking through an ocular. This promotes collaboration and improves efficiency

Get access to new features again and again

The built-in computer of the PRESTIGE microsope allows it to be updated with new and valuable features, based on the latest technology and input from our customers, as they are developed.

This combined with the high quality microscope materials that require little maintenance during its lifetime ensures that you get the most out of your investment and that your microscope keeps evolving long after it has left our factory.

The perfect package for

Metal inspection

TAGARNO PRESTIGE product photo
  • Lens +50 Up to 660x magnification on a 24'' monitor
  • Ring light white Get a perfectly clear view of the sample.
  • Polarizer set Minimize disturbing direct reflections
  • Measurement software
    Measure distances, angles, diameters and more
  • Focus stacking app
    Create ultra-sharp images with no blurred or out of focus areas
  • PNG reference app
    Superimpose graphic as inspection assistance
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