Dec 24, 2021, Horsens, Denmark

Test event Christmas eve

The TAGARNO digital microscopes will be available at Christmas Eve

This post is about the Measurement app.

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Event details
Event: Christmas Eve, Horsens Denmark
Date: Dec 24, 2021
Find us at: SandΓΈvej 4
Distributor on site: TAGARNO own event
Segment: Agriculture

Christmas eve heading

Contrary to an old dog, it’s quite easy to teach an old microscope new tricks (if it’s digital, that is). Here’s why.

Compared to non-digital magnifying systems (and old dogs), digital microscopes have a built-in computer that allows them to be updated with new features and apps long after they’ve left our factory.

For you as a user, it means that your microscope keeps evolving even after you bought it, prolonging its longevity.

A trick that the microscopes have learned recently is related to the Measurement app.

With the app, users can perform highly accurate measurements directly on-screen, and the new addition allows them to save their measurements as an overlay that can be superimposed on future samples.

This eliminates the need for manually measuring every sample. Instead, the user can recall a golden sample measurement to verify new samples, significantly reducing time spent on each sample.

π‹πžπšπ«π§ 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞
Curious about this specific feature? Watch the video below.

Or follow this link to learn more about Measurement app in general:

#qualitycontrolΒ #visualinspectionΒ #digitalmicroscopesΒ #TAGARNO

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