Going digital: Day one

You see smarter. Work faster. Communicate and collaborate better. And feel no pain.

Your first feeling is relief. It turns out that day one with a TAGARNO digital microscope is not going to be a steep and frustrating learning curve. Whether you need a digital microscope for trichomes, a grain magnifier, or something else, you quickly discover that this is plug and play, as you set it up in minutes and start working immediately.


Ultra-sharp images

Then comes the true revelation. The first time you view your seed and grain samples on a screen instead of through an eyepiece, the advantages of going digital immediately become clear. Suddenly, with ultra-sharp images, performing processes such as varietal identification, seed purity, and germination capacity testing is much easier. You quickly identify foreign varieties, mites, or fungal diseases in a seed sample. And rapidly spot impurities.


Customized for you

Over the coming hours, the benefits prove even bigger, as you discover you can tailor your new TAGARNO digital microscope to excel at exactly the tasks you focus on. By adding accessories, apps, and smart presets, the microscope becomes your personalized tool, optimized for the job at hand. Do you need to count the speck in flour? Install a TAGARNO digital microscope application that does it automatically for you.

Whatever visual inspection you need to carry out, it just became much faster. You realize that a TAGARNO digital microscope makes magnificent use of your time.

You also realize that you are seeing better than ever before, as you inspect the sample in a high-quality live image. Full HD at 1080p with 60 frames per second, and without any delay or distortion. Detecting the shape of the germ and making accurate decisions has never been easier.

Get started with a digital microscope

Learn how to do germination capacity testing, variety identification, purity identification and much more with a digital microscope here.

Get started with a digital microscope in Agriculture

Easily share results
As the day progresses and you need to discuss findings with colleagues, they easily join the conversation. They simply gaze upon the high-definition image on a monitor that is connected to the digital microscope. Later, you save images with one click and instantly share them with everyone on your computer network. You also quickly and easily show documentation to business partners, and present detected problems to suppliers.


Feel better

At the end of the day, the most pleasant surprise may be that you feel nothing: For once, your eyes, neck, and back are not complaining that you have subjected them to hours of uncomfortable positions. Swapping the small eyepiece for a big monitor is a significant advantage with any digital microscope, and especially so with TAGARNO digital microscopes, as they are developed in close cooperation with ergonomics specialists, ensuring optimal working postures.





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