Benefits of using a digital microscope in agriculture

Digital microscopes are excellent tools for visually inspecting and controlling the quality in production lines.

By using a visual inspection microscope in the Agriculture industry, you can ensure high standards, in quality control, objective analysis and efficient working conditions in ergonomically correct way.



Using a digital microscope that displays images with 60 frames per second will display a magnified seed with no delay or distortion, ensuring truly live images. The microscope camera runs a 1080p (FULL HD) image quality with 30x optical zoom, this resulting in extremely sharp images showing all details of the magnified object with a digital zoom of up to 660x on a 24” monitor.

It is ideal for quality control working conditions because the monitor will display what is happening underneath the camera in real time.



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Having the seeds magnified on a monitor makes it easy to evaluate and discuss seed inspection with colleagues. Being able to visualize in real time together with different stakeholders, allows analyses to be more accurate and precise. Using an optical microscope with an eyepiece where you see the sample by yourself and then allowing other colleague to look after you have finished is no longer a viable solution for agriculture and food industry. Another benefit of using a microscope connected to a monitor is the opportunity to easily train employees on what are the steps of performing different types of inspections and what specifically they should be analyzing, giving concrete examples on the monitor.



Another key benefit of using a digital microscope is the ergonomically correct working position obtained by not using an ocular for focusing. By using a monitor, your eyes, neck and back are relived of excessive strain. Cases show that the improved working position results in less sick leave and staff infirmities.

When working with a digital microscope, the image from the camera is shown on a screen, relieving the operators of unnecessary neck and shoulder pains, enabling them to work more efficiently. This makes a digital microscope highly ergonomic and will allow a less strainful working posture. This eases the analysis work and at the same time becomes more efficient.



Easy to save

When using a TAGARNO digital microscope to save an image with a seed in high magnification, the operator can simply do that with just a press of a button on the control box. The image can be saved to the inserted USB memory stick or the internal storage of the microscope for quick access to it. When saving the image on internal storage, you can easily access it from any computer on the same network as the microscope.

High Quality documentation

Proper viewing and documenting miniature objects, such as seed and grain samples, can be tricky. A digital microscope can provide a helping hand in the documentation process, making it easy for the user to save and share important work documentation.

Everything is in real time

The microscope camera runs a 1080p (FULL HD) image quality with 30x optical zoom. The result is extremely sharp images, showing all details of the magnified object, in up to 660x on a 24” monitor. Adding a frame rate of 60 frames per second to the math, the camera in the microscope ensures that the images are truly live - without delay or interferences to the live image. Also, built-in autofocus and ultrasensitive light sensors further support the image quality with high depth of field.

Create the best images possible

Creating the perfect documentation work is highly important and therefore it is important that the digital microscope is equipped with the right applications and accessories. Linking TAGARNO high quality and user friendly digital microscope with the right software apps and accessories, such as light, lenses will definitely make your documented images be at high standards.


The quality of the sample is digitally documented with the digital microscope and ready to be shared with customers and coworkers. Instead of sending seed samples around, you can easily capture an image and share that with customers and coworkers. This allows easy coordination and management of work improving both the quality of the work as well as communication between colleagues and in the supply chain.

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Adding applications

With the digital microscopes from TAGARNO the user has the advantage of upgrading their equipment with applications that helps performing more accurate and precise analyses. Specific for agriculture industry, TAGARNO has developed an application for the digital microscopes that counts the speck in any type of flour. By simply placing the sample of flour under the camera microscope and running the analysis, you can get an objective and precise result of how many specks are in the flour. After this the operator can adjust settings like the size of the speck, greyscale and color tone of the speck and rerun the analysis for most accurate results. When you are happy with the outcome you can save the image to document your work. The application is called Speck Counter and you can add it at any time to your TAGARNO digital microscope.

Besides this one application that was specifically designed for agriculture, you can add other applications that can be useful in your visual inspection processes. Have a look on our digital microscope applications and choose the one that fits your needs.


Another way to improve the image quality of your inspection and documentation is through accessories that you can add to your TAGARNO digital microscope. Using different lenses can help inspecting your sample at the right magnification. Lighting on a visual inspection microscope is important as well as different lighting equipment can help the user obtain the optimal documentation. For seed inspection specifically we have developed the back light which lets you inspect thin seeds like grass seed where you can see through them. Head over to our accessories page and find out which accessories matches your need.

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