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3 apps for quality control in electronics

Are you not sure how apps for a digital microscope can make a difference in your quality control processes?

Don’t worry. We’ve plucked out 3 of our most valuable apps for businesses in Electronics. In this article, we’ll go through them one by one and explain just how they can make a difference for your business.

The three apps are: Image Comparison, TAGARNO Measurement and DXF Overlay app.





With Image comparison, an app that allows you to easily compare two photos with each other, it’s easy to spot deviations between a current sample and one you’ve previously identified as a perfect sample, also known as a golden sample.


How does it work?

To use the app, start by capturing a reference image of a golden sample. This can be recalled later and used to verify the quality of a recent sample from the production line.

Then place the PCB you want to inspect under the microscope and choose how you want to inspect it (that is, how you want the picture displayed on the monitor):
– Have the sample image (current sample) and reference image (golden sample) placed side by side
– Have the reference image placed on top of the sample image. The reference image will be slightly see through, making it possible to see both pictures at the same time. This display option is especially useful if you want to check the component placement.
– Drag a vertical dividing line between the two photos that are placed on top of each other. Dragging the dividing line allows you to see as much or as little of each photo that you want
– Have the two pictures placed on top of each other, but displayed in 1 second intervals. By having the microscope between both photos in quick intervals, you can clearly see all details on both samples and spot any deviation between them.

During the inspection, you can even add an arrow and a text annotation describing the issue before capturing an image of your sample. This makes it easy to recall why the picture was taken in the first place.

Want to learn more?

Read more about Image comparison.

TAGARNO Measurement app

Using the TAGARNO Measurement software app to measure the size and placement of components is one of the key benefits of this app.

How does it work?

Simply place the PCB you want to inspect under the microscope and perform a calibration (or recall one you've made previously). This enables the microscope to measure angles, the distance between two or more points on the sample, measure circle radius, etc.

Then, choose a measuring tool from the tool bar and you're good to go. Start measuring!

In the tool bar, you can also change the size and color of your text and the background of the text box to enhance visibily. And if needed, you can easily add an extra text box with a simple "OK" or more detailed description of why this product is faulty before captuing an image of your sample. Then, store it for documentation purposes or forward it to any supply chain partner that needs to see the issue at hand.

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DXF overlay app

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a list of apps for quality control in Electronics without mentioning our DXF Overlay app!

How does it work?

To use the app that was developed to easily identify even the smallest PCB components, start by importing a DXF file with a template of a PCB board to the microscope or a USB memory stick. Then, place a PCB under the microscope that matches the template, select the DXF file in the app and the template will appear as an overlay over PCB. All components will then be outlined by the template and each component name will be clearly stated, making it easy to see if there’s any deviations between the PCB template and the PCB itself. With the search bar, you can even type in a component name, and the app will highlight the search result, enabling you to quickly find that particular component.

This app is particularly useful during production to check a sample at random or if a PCB has been identified as faulty and you need to repair a specific component. The app will then identify the component for you, elimininating any wasted time spent on locating miniature PCB components.


TAGARNO’s digital microscopes are ideal magnification tools for a variety of quality control processes. Being able to perform on-screen measurements and verify samples directly on the microscope are just some of the opportunities created by the TAGARNO apps.

With every firmware and new app released, you also have access to the latest technology and can adjust the system to meet future requirements without having to invest in new equipments, making TAGARNO's digital microscope long lasting and customizable.

Interested in learning more? Head to the Apps category and find the app that is suited for your business. Don't forget that you can also try the apps for free.

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