3 apps for quality control in electronics

With apps, you can take your visual inspection processes and digital microscopy to the next level.

A key benefit of a digital microscope is the option to use apps as part of your inspection processes. The apps will create faster and/or more accurate processes, allowing you to work more efficiently.

In this blogpost, we’ll go through 3 of our most valuable apps for businesses within the Electronics industry and explain just how they can make a difference for your business.

The three apps are: Image comparison, TAGARNO Measurement and DXF overlay app.




Image comparison

With Image comparison, an app that allows you to easily compare two photos with each other, it’s easy to spot deviations between a current sample and one you’ve previously identified as a perfect sample, also known as a golden sample.


How does it work?

By building your own image library of golden samples, with highlighted areas of critical areas, the operator is guided on what to pay special attention to. This makes training of new employees easier as they are not required to memorize these steps or follow lengthy work instructions. Instead, the operator is guided visually and can easily spot deviations between the golden sample and the current sample.

The app allows for various comparison views: Side-by-side (at different magnification levels), split view and alternating view with the golden sample picture superimposed over the live image.


Want to learn more?

Read more about Image comparison.





TAGARNO Measurement app 

With TAGARNO Measurement software app, operators can perform highly accurate measurements directly on-screen. In fact, the app has an accuracy of 0.003% due to the on-site calibration capabilities. In comparison, factory calibrated measurement apps often has an accuracy of 0.5-1%.


How does it work?

Before using one of the many measurement tools, operators need to calibrate the app at the required magnification level – or choose one of the saved calibrations. Then, the operator can perform their measurement, add annotations to describe the issue at hand and save the photo for documentation purposes or distribution to supply chain partners.

If needed, operators can go back and remeasure on saved photos or use the measurement itself as an graticule overlay on future samples for more efficient processes.


Want to learn more?

Read more about Measurement app.





DXF overlay app

The last app on this list is DXF overlay app, an app developed to easily identify even the smallest PCB components during rework.


How does it work?

When placing a sample under the microscope, the matching DXF file will appear as a heads-up display over the microscope live image. The DXF file will outline all components on the PCB and clearly label them with their component name. This not only makes it easy to spot deviations between the DXF file and the PCB itself, e.g. if components are missing. It also allows operators to search for specific components by typing a component name in the app search bar. The search result will then be highlighted, enabling operators to quickly find that particular component.

This app is particularly useful during production to check a sample at random or if a PCB has been identified as faulty and a specific component needs to be repaired. The app will then identify the component for you, elimininating any wasted time spent on locating miniature PCB components.


Want to learn more?

Read more about DXF overlay app.


You actually get 3 apps for free…

When choosing a TAGARNO TREND, PRESTIGE or MOVE, the 3 microscopes with app capabilities, you get access to 3 apps for free. These are:

  • Ruler app: A factory calibrated measurement app
  • Focus stacking: An image stacking app that will eliminate out of focus areas
  • Watermark: A crucial app if you need to document your work.

Get started with a digital microscope

Not sure which microscope you need? TAGARNO's digital microscopes can magnify from 4x-660x on a 24'' monitor.

What microscope you need will depend on your industry, if you want to use specialized apps to optimize your processes and if you need to document your work. Follow the link below to learn more.

Find the right microscope for you

Want to learn more about digital microscopy? 

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